Carlos Dengler’s “GOLDEN DAWN” — A Sparkling, Hopeful, and Meditative New Age Single

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“Golden Dawn – single version” is the radio edit of a single on Carlos Dengler’s new album, PRIVATE EARTH (June 2, 2023). Energizing and hopeful, “Golden Dawn” is music bathed in light, a remarkable new age ambient, acoustic and electronic soundscape.

As we listen, a new day begins with a few bars of gentle acoustic guitar before a fretless bass joins with deep notes that resonate like an “OM” chant, giving gravatas to the track. Another layer of guitar and a tinkling of chimes building to an early crescendo at the 1:15 second point, the sonic equivalent of the sun rising on the horizon. The track is timely, with springtime bursting forth across the Northern Hemisphere, verdant plant life opening in massive synchronicity. 

Carlos is a NYC-based multi-instrumentalist and composer whose acclaimed debut new age album Aqueduct, released in April 2022, and was followed by the more experimental nature-driven  Ecospheres EP on September 30, 2022. Tastemaker programs like STAR’S END, NPR’s Tones & Drones, and SiriusXM were supportive and encouraging enough that Carlos returned to his studio to develop a collection of ideas that became Private Earth.

There is a cinematic and slightly trippy video for the single, which is so lovely, my heart hurts a little while watching it. The kaleidoscope effects and layers of Sumi-e style trees evoke a 3-dimensional feeling, like a forest walk. In the long tradition of visual music, it is artful while being absolutely tranquil, meditative, and soothing; there is something very comforting about the slow moving closeups, the repetition of a theme. Nature persists, it seems to say. Mary Hawkins, the animator, used photos, lighting effects and paintings she made on paper to create the “Golden Dawn” video, worth pausing and watching now.

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Very, very relaxing, yet uplifting and heart-opening, and it is that latter quality that sets Carlos apart from other instrumental composers. This highly-creative artist is a welcome addition to the intentionally-driven new age ambient community of innovative musicians; fans of Erik Scott, Patrick O’Hearn, Will Ackerman, and Darshan Ambient will most definitely enjoy the gentle warmth of this music and video. There will be natural sonic soundscapes to explore on the forthcoming album including the 8:00+ version of this first single. “Golden Dawn – single version” is now available on all music platforms; one may pre-order Private Earth or pre-save the digital download ahead of its official release date on June 2nd. 


Golden Dawn” was written and performed by Carlos Dengler. Video animated by Mary Hawkins; Nature photography by Carlos Dengler; Paintings by Mary Hawkins; Tabletop photography by Brian Stillman.


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