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Beth has decades of journalistic experience, both as an entertainment writer (Film, TV, Books, Music) and as a music publicist; she holds a B. A. in Communications from Temple University in Philadelphia, and has lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, and has formal training in reviewing the arts.  She is now the owner and primary editor of Contemporary Fusion Reviews magazine

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Fusion Picks, Contemporary Fusion Reviews Social Media Channel

If you're looking for indie fusion videos that fill the heart with the joy of living, you'll definitely enjoy these... you'll find a full...

Editor Picks Contemporary Fusion Reviews Social Media Channel

Editor Picks, Contemporary Fusion Reviews Video Channel - here you will find a carousel with the editor's picks for favorite videos on YouTube.  Please...

Carlos Dengler’s “GOLDEN DAWN” — A Sparkling, Hopeful, and Meditative New Age Single

“Golden Dawn - single version” is the radio edit of a single on Carlos Dengler’s new album, PRIVATE EARTH (June 2, 2023). Energizing and...
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