Trials, tribulations and triumphs for Contemporary Fusion Reviews

As many of you know, I have been experiencing difficulties over the last year that far exceed anything I’ve ever experienced before… 3 serious operations to try and remove bladder cancer ultimately led to chemotherapy (and now immunotherapy)… the truly good thing that came out of all the trial and tribulations is the triumph of realizing just how many folks are there for me!

Unfortunately, the after-effects of the chemo led to a decision that I hated to make… I had to shut down Contemporary Fusion reviews magazine, and doubt that I’ll be back actively reviewing again.  Of course, I can’t complain – I’ve had 35 years of writing about music, and (thanks to all the artists and promoters) built up one heckuvva music collection to help me get through the rough days… over 6000 albums, stored digitally, for me to enjoy.

Today, I want to announce the FANTASTIC NEWS that Beth Hilton, of the B Company, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!  She and her staff will be taking over the magazine… over the next couple of months, you will be seeing new reviews posted.  This transfer will be slow and easy, but will bring total professionalism and joy of music back for you to enjoy.

Beth has decades of journalistic experience, both as an entertainment writer (Film, TV, Books, Music) and as a music publicist; she holds a B. A. in Communications from Temple University in Philadelphia, and has lived in Los Angeles for 30 years, and has formal training in reviewing the arts.  We have worked together on CFR since the beginning, and in fact, she has a Facebook Group called Contemporary Fusion…we had agreed to share the name some years ago, so she’ll be cross-promoting there on Facebook.

Initially, during this transition, she will be selectively reviewing projects that interest her the most, without fees attached.  Beth looks forward to covering Contemporary Instrumental, Jazz, Classical Crossover, New Age, World, Ambient and Dream Pop at this time, under the broadest umbrella of those terms. 

You may submit your request, artwork, and links to your project to her at; if she chooses to review your project, she’ll email you for any additional needs, and/or she’ll just send the final review link.