cliffordlamb bridges sessions video critique Clifford Lamb – The Bridges Sessions

cliffordlamb bridges sessions video critique
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cliffordlamb bridges sessions video critique Clifford Lamb – THE BRIDGES SESSIONS: I reviewed Clifford’s excellent “BRIDGES” CD back in issue # 160… as you’ll note, if you read the review, he got very high marks from me for that release.   What I didn’t know is that he had created a superb video that gave clear insights into the players, the music and the live two-track recording process that scares away a WHOLE lot of players & singers, because, as the producer, Jeffery Weber, notes – “there are no second chances”!  Before I go off too far on my writing tangents, though, I want you to dig down deep into the video first…

Whether you’re a budding artist or an avid jazz listener who is curious about how music “comes together”, this video is a MUST-WATCH!  The producers did something magical… they gave you insights into the artists, the engineers, even the drum and piano technicians.  I just loved Jeffrey’s narration, and the introductions he made to each of the players… it’s something you don’t often see in these types of “behind the scenes” videos… even the humorous comments (like Buster’s comment about the bass) are a part of clearly showing you that players are “real people”, too.

A comment from Clifford about “keeping the process as spontaneous as possible” is advice that those up and coming players I mentioned will learn more from than reading reams of books on jazz theory, and finally (after I’d watched this video – at least – ten times) I caught Jeffrey’s comment that – “if it isn’t fun – it ain’t worth doin'” – the sagest advice you’ll ever hear! 

An absolutely critical video for players to watch, with excellent production values and “just the right length”.  I give this a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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2. If you liked this video, I’ve no doubt that you’ll love the CD it was produced for – BRIDGES… you can purchase it direct from Clifford’s site, or via the Amazon link below…

3. Watch the video again – & have FUN!

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