* krisrussell zzaj video critique * Kris Russell/jazz vocalist Zzaj video critique

* krisrussell zzaj video critique *
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* krisrussell zzaj video critique * I reviewed this fine single performance from Kris last month… she clearly has strong passion for the music she creates, and I believe you’ll see that in the immediate as you watch her video on YouTube:

It’s a Michael Franks tune, so she’s doing a cover, but her vocal talent, smooth arrangements and the creative production on the video (especially the way she integrates the friendliness of the people & country she’s singing about) make it feel like it’s her tune… the scenes that weave her singing in on top of the beautiful Brazilian dancers will evoke fond memories of her performance each & every time you hear the audio track, too.

It would be nice if the video credits included the names of the members of her “Mystery Jazz Ensemble”, though now that I think about it, that may be a YouTube restriction – I’m not sure!  What I am sure of is that if you DIG jazz video that makes you feel good, this is your TICKET!  Enjoy!! In FACT, if you do enjoy this, please take a moment to scroll the the very bottom of this post and add any comments you may have, so Kris can hear your feedback

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