Smoocho Gusto at Cascadia Grill, 2017/06/21

Just DON’T let me hear you claiming that the Magickland of Olywa “doesn’t have anything good to do”… life here is full of great music, great food & wonderful people… I went out for a quick bite of Ahi, after reading that two of my favorite Olywa players would be appearing at the Cascadia Grill tonight; the Ahi was mighty tasty, the servers were very pleasant, and (of course), the music (as you’ll hear in the clip below) was top-dollar:

“Smoocho” is bassist Loree Gardner, and “Gusto” is the gent on the guitar, a (very) long-time Olympia jazz cornerstone – Steve Luceno.  Their playing was the perfect compliment to the laid-back atmosphere the little restaurant provides for their customers, and I enjoyed all of it very much.  Rather than a long diatribe full of reviewer hyperbole, I’ll just let you listen to two other clips I captured of their superb playing together:

…and one more:

SO – don’t be “couch potatoing” it when there is such great entertainment and LIFE available… get OUT of your house on these wonderful summer days and join the players!

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    • Absolutely, Charlie… of course, you’re in that “circle” of musical friends as well… really did enjoy Smoocho Gusto’s performance, & love the idea that restaurants are beginning to host players again here in town! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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