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Dick Metcalf Contemporary Fusion Reviews
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Dick Metcalf Contemporary Fusion Reviews I started doing my LIVE SHOW reviews in the late 1990’s, right here in the Olympia, Washington area, and though they are now a bit sporadic, I’m still doing them.  I hope you will check these out and go to watch the bands I highlight whenever they’re playing in your area!

Purchasing and listening to CD’s is fine, but there is a completely different dynamic going on when you’re at a live show… it doesn’t matter if it’s a little “blue-smoke” room, an outdoor festival, or a high-end stage production… getting to see the players in “action” gives you an experience that is much like a “natural high”… so, get OUT of your house, up OFF the couch & go to a live show today!

Only the BEST of the BEST (genre doesn’t matter) get a review here – but then, if you’re a regular reader here – you already know that, eh?  Of course, the whole reason for writing these little articles is because it is very, VERY important that you support live music in your own area or region… with all the cutbacks in funding for the arts, these artists may not be “on the scene” much longer (if the “blue meanies” have their way)… so please help us SPREAD the WORD about these live show reviews, & (of course) go and see a show – TODAY!

You should see a little “popup” – use that to navigate the series of live show reviews I’ve written for your reading/listening pleasure!

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