Montavilla Jazz Festival Day 1, Act 4 – Joe Manis Double Drums Quartet

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Montavilla Jazz Festival Day 1, Act 4 – JOE MANIS DOUBLE DRUMS QUARTET: I was immediately impressed with Joe’s sax work when they started off their set, and with bassist Phil Baker and (double) drummers Charlie Doggett and Alan Jones there for every note & beat, it was (as you might imagine) some prime pandemonium…

I say that in jest, of course, because each of the players is a total professional and dedicated to creating some of the finest jazz you’ll hear on the scene today.  Before I overpower you with too many words, though, just check out the short video I captured during their performance…

All I can say is – WOW!  If that’ isn’t “high energy”, then there is no such a thing!  The double drums are a bit “different”, but in the most capable hands of Charlie and Alan, it truly WORKED!

Joe and each of the players in the quartet have played extensively with other well known groups (David Friesen, George Colligan, Alan Jones Sextet & many more), so they’ve “paid their dues” so to speak.  This is another group that I hadn’t seen before, but if things go right, I will be hitting the “wide-alive” Portland scene more and more often to do show reviews and plug into the vibrant cast of musical characters in the community there.

If you are in the area, be sure to check schedules, or even get in touch with Joe via his Facebook page… a superb performance from seasoned performers!

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