Unique original piano duets Doug Hammer – Piano2

Unique original piano duets Doug Hammer

Unique original piano duets Doug Hammer – PIANO2:  Just to clarify, the title is actually “Piano Squared”… it’s been a while since I reviewed Doug’s music on his “Celtique” album, but one thing I can (always) count on with his totally talented piano work is something fresh, new and unique.  To really get acquainted with “the Dougs” (both of them), watch these videos Doug created for the release…

…after watching those, you’ll realize that Doug isn’t afraid to “play with things”… a marvelous (and sometimes slightly jaded) sense of humor.  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Doug’s YouTube channel, where you’ll find him on albums, live performances and great little sketches… I’ve been a subscriber for a long time now.

“Piano2” is actually the very first album submitted to me for review in 2020, and as I listen to tunes like the upbeat “Chasin’ Possum“, I hear a “whole new Doug (or is that a set of them?)”… what an absolutely FUN song; perfect way to start off my musical New Year!

If you’re looking for music with a truly majestic feel to it, you’ll find the 4:39 “Across the Plains” very much to your liking… “the Dougs” use the WHOLE keyboard to give you visions of steeds & stirrups, lol… I can (easily) see this tune getting some MAJOR airplay on stations (of all types) ’round the globe… it’s clear that this duo took a lot of time to get the tune “just right”… as Doug said in his promo sheet… ““I would work on an accompaniment first and then listen to that and record melodic ideas on another track.  Then, I would go back and refine the accompaniment and then again go back and refine the melody.

The song that stuck as my personal favorite of the fifteen Doug offers up is actually one of the shorter ones… the 2:22 “Strut Your Stuff” comes across with a real feeling of “swagger”, but also conveys a strong sense of hope for the future!

I give Doug a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this highly original (and collectible) album.  Get more information on Doug’s website.        Rotcod Zzaj

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