Intense melodic jazz guitar beauty Albare – Albare Plays Jobim

Intense melodic jazz guitar beauty Albare

Intense melodic jazz guitar beauty Albare – ALBARE PLAYS JOBIM:  It’s been a while since I reviewed Albare’s intense melodic jazz guitar beauty on his “Only Human” album… his new release is welcome here (as are any of his albums, to be sure).  Although the video below isn’t from the new album, it will help you get acquainted with his total mastery of jazz guitar (from a live session @Birds)…

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The one sample I found from the new album is for the beautiful “Double Rainbow” (continue checking in to Albare’s “listen” page for the album, where you can keep a watch out for the rest of the tunes as they become available); In addition to Albare’s magical guitar, you’ll also hear Joe Chindamo doing piano, string arrangements and conducting; Antonio Sanchez on Drums and Ricardo “Ricky” Rodriguez playing bass on the album (produced by Phil Turico)… truly some of the most relaxing music you’ll listen to in 2020!

The 5:01 performance of “Corcovado” is one of the most unique I’ve ever listened to; I predict this tune will be getting HUGE amounts of airplay on jazz stations across the globe.

My choice for personal favorite of the ten tributes to Jobim is (without question) the lively closer, “Brazil”… the strings are marvelous and the recording is flawless… simply beautiful jazz!

I give Albare and his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this sweet album.  Get more information about the artist and the album on Albare’s website.                 Rotcod Zzaj

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