Straight ahead improvised jazz Bob Gorry, Pete Brunelli, Peter Riccio – GoBruCcio

Straight ahead improvised jazz

Straight ahead improvised jazz Bob Gorry, Pete Brunelli, Peter Riccio – GOBRUCCIO:  Guitarist Bob Gorry, bassist Pete Brunelli, and drummer Peter Riccio pull out all the stops on this straight ahead improvised jazz session… absolutely intriguing and full of the surprises that only veteran improvisors can impart.

I particularly enjoyed the intricate phrasings and interplay on “Javelina“… one note, though… you simply must listen to this with your headphones on… I think my friend Brian Kastan would be interested in booking this group, or even playing with them!

What’s most notable about the trio is the unfettered spontaneity they play with… your ears just won’t believe what’s transpiring on the opener, “Safecracker“… over ten minutes of just the kind of pandemonium you might imagine if you were doing the breaking and entering, lol.  There’s a universal flow between the players that makes you realize (within only a few bars) that they’ve been doing this creative sonic dance for years together.

I had no difficulty (at all) making my choice for personal favorite… “Magic City Madness” has the feel (in places) of classic be-bop, but it’s still totally free, with no self-imposed boundaries… there’s an absolutely mellow feel on this tune that makes it totally accessible, even for the uninitiated listener.

I give Gorry, Brunelli and Riccio a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98… get more information on their BandCamp site for the album.   Rotcod Zzaj

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