Burial Grounds Coffee Where is my ESPRESSO Joint?

Burial Grounds Coffee

Burial Grounds Coffee – Where is my Espresso Joint?  OK, so I roll out of bed, krank the ol’ espresso machine up & get ready to catch up on my email, write a couple of articles for Improvijazzation Nation and  Contemporary Fusion Reviews magazines, then wrap it all up with a quick social visit down to my espresso joint in my GTO…

…only to find when I arrive at the corner of 4th Avenue & whatever, that it’s not THERE… WHAT?  Horror of horrors… there are no tables outside waiting for itinerant hipsters (like me), tweakers & talkers & there’s a sign on the front door that says “Cafe Vita is permanently closed”…

A definite, absolute BUMMER is in order here, ‘coz nearly all of my “social time” was spent sitting in the chairs right out side their door, catchin’ up rays & snortin’ their fine espresso…. hmmm… what to do?  Firstly, head back to the crib & burn another quad-shot breve on my home machine – but, I can’t do without my espresso joint, aye? 

It took a couple of days, but only one street over, just down (or up, depending on your perspective, as Philip José Farmer would say) from Rainy Day Records, you’ll find a somewhat quaint, but very cool little coffee house in the style of old Olympia called “Burial Grounds“… right across the street from the Olympia Film Society

So, I head back down (the next morning) & try it out… excellent blends of espresso, friendly atmosphere & some really STRONG possibilities to become my favorite daytime haunt in downtown Olympia… fine service (THEY mentioned the senior, military, etc., etc., discounts to ME – too cool) & a laid-back vibe that takes me way back to my earliest days (1980’s) in this fine city. 

I’m quite impressed, and expect to explore lots of fine new things & folks there in the coming months!  I give this little shop a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED… try it, you’ll like it!