Uniquely beautiful original solo piano Matthew Mayer – Beautiful You

Uniquely beautiful original solo piano Matthew Mayer

Uniquely beautiful original solo piano Matthew Mayer – BEAUTIFUL YOU: When I reviewed Matthew’s “Ardor” album last year, I noted that he is a consummate master of pacing, and able to use the upper part of his keyboard to weave the kind of magical sounds that few piano artists (these days) can even hear.  On his new twelve-song sonic journey, he also demonstrates how capable he is at using the lower registers as emotional joists for wonderful songs like “A Modern Introspection”… and the bass overtones he achieves on this tune are full and resonating (the samples aren’t up yet, because the album doesn’t go live until August, 2018 – as soon as I’m notified that they are ready, I will come back and add the links in)…

Though it’s only a short piece, “Tranquility”, clocking in at 2:50, shows a keen appreciation of his surroundings that is fully realized through the song; this one will (easily) draw you into Matthew’s intricate web… I found this to be one of my favorite tunes on the album, and have little doubt you will hit “replay” often for this tune.

The title track, “Beautiful You”, will help you to realize the grace (a synonym for beauty) each one of us has; this composition is based on a quite simple pattern, yet it just shimmers with the power of soul; if you are struggling with negative feelings in any way, Matthew’s tune can help you to realize the beauty you have in your uniqueness!

It was easy to pick my personal favorite from the dozen originals Matthew offers up… “Fly Little Bird” conveys a sensitivity and awareness of the natural elegance that surrounds us on a daily basis… as I listen to this, I can’t help but be caught up in visions of hummingbirds and bees flitting ’round my garden – and that’s the keyword here… “images”… “Beautiful You” will enhance your perception, and make you even more beautiful.  I give Matthew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this splendid solo piano adventure.  Get more information on Matthew’s Bandcamp page for the release.            Rotcod Zzaj

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