Totally tantalizing jazz and blues debut album Bowmanville – Bowmanville

Totally tantalizing jazz and blues debut album Bowmanville – BOWMANVILLE:  I can tell you right now, this totally tantalizing jazz and blues band is going to blow your socks off, people.  They don’t have LIVE videos of the current album, but here’s an earlier version of the powerful “Don’t Force It” that will let you feel the power they project with their music…

If you dig what you saw/heard, you’ll want to make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the Bowmanville channel on YouTube… I signed up right away.

What’s absolutely amazing about their skills is that they’re able to combine the old “Hot Club” style with good ol’ Chicago blues, especially on tunes like the 6:36 “Caravan“… this tune is, without question, my favorite on the 11-song release!

This GEM officially releases tomorrow, 1 October, 2023, and you can get either the digital version, or a CD by visiting them on the album’s Bandcamp page… they get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a perfect “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00 – which means that they also get a “PICK” for “strongest jazz and blues release”.