Spirited jazz standards ROB DIXON/STEVE ALLEE QUINTET ft. Amanda King and Derrick Gardner – Standards Deluxe

spirited jazz standards

spirited jazz standards ROB DIXON/STEVE ALLEE QUINTET – STANDARDS DELUXE:  I grew up close to where this album of spirited jazz standards was performed, and I can tell you now that we never heard jazz like this in the ’60’s… the album doesn’t officially release until 1 February, 2024, so the video below is from earlier performances (with different players than are on this release)…

You’ll also find a few live performances when you SUBSCRIBE to Rob Dixon’s YouTube channel (hopefully, some live videos from the album will be posted there as the release date for the album gets closer).

The player list is long; you’ll hear Rob Dixon – tenor and soprano saxophone, Steve Allee – piano, Amanda King – vocals, Derrick Gardner – trumpet, Nick Tucker – bass, Greg Artry – drums (tracks 1–6) and Kenny Phelps – drums (tracks 7–12)… tunes like “Caravan” feature Amanda’s stunning vocals that you won’t forget anytime soon.  My personal favorite of the dozen delightful jazz excursions, though, is the 5:27 “Lucky Number 7”, a swingin’ original from Rob… this tune alone makes the album well worth the purchase.

Rob, Steve and the rest of the players on this exciting album get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 from these old ears.