Scorching soulful songs E.G. Holmes – Time To Rest

Scorching soulful songs E.G. Holmes

Scorching soulful songs E.G. Holmes – TIME TO REST:  I was first exposed to E.G.’s high-energy and high-talent music when I reviewed the single released for this album, “Time To Rest“… though I didn’t find any LIVE videos, you will still want to check out E.G.’s Topic channel on YouTube

What is most striking about the full album is the broad range of styles and genres E.G. offers up for your musical adventure… the scorching guitar leads on his original, “Mysterious” (lyrics by Casia), make the album worth the purchase… this is one RAWK’in’ song, folks!

I fell in love immediately with the suave lyrics and stunning performances on “Cool Changes“… there’s some excellent organ, and the guitars will transport you far above the fray…

If it’s mellow you’re yearning for, you’ll find the 4:30 “Plains of my Heart” is the song you need to listen to… I have no doubt that DJ’s of all stripes will be plugging this tune into their playlists on a regular basis!

My choice for personal favorite of the fourteen songs E.G. offers up was immediate… the opener, “Hot-Blooded 4 U“, makes me wanna’ get up & put my MOTO-cycle boots on, folks… absolutely one of the best ROCKERS I’ve heard (yet) in 2021!

I give E.G. and all his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this gutsy album.  Get more information on the Bongo Boy Records page for E.G. Holmes.                                Rotcod Zzaj

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