powerfully poignant piano memories Dana Sandler – I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Powerfully poignant piano memories Dana Sandler

Powerfully poignant piano memories Dana Sandler – I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY:  This is my first experience listening to Dana’s powerfully poignant piano creations, and it’s a sonic experience that is timeless and necessary in today’s troubled times.  A few intimate glimpses of the players are available in the beautiful trailer created for the release…

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Dana’s intriguing vocals and compositions in memory and tribute to the tragedies of Holocaust youth (based on a book of the same name published in 1959) are stunningly supported by a cast of powerful players… Carmen Staaf: piano; Jorge Roeder: bass; Austin McMahon: drums; Peter Kenagy: trumpet/flugelhorn; Rick Stone: alto sax/clarinet and special guest Michael Winograd: clarinet with Rory Sandler McMahon: voice… songs like “Tears” (samples not available until 20 April, 2020) remind us (sadly) that life sometimes requires pain in order to see the beauty in it!

Hope for a brighter future emerges in sensitive pieces like the 3:49 “On a Sunny Evening“… Dana’s voice helps you to see the possibilities on this brilliantly performed tune… I can (easily) see this song getting HUGE airplay on stations ’round the globe.

Of the dozen sonic wonders offered up, I found “I’d Like to Go Alone/Ani Ma’amin” to be my personal favorite… lilting vocals and duets of the poetry make it a most memorable experience!

I give Dana and her musical friends a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this highly insightful album.  Get more information on Dana’s website.               Rotcod Zzaj

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