Paykuna excellent high-spirited jazz Paykuna – Raíces

Paykuna excellent high-spirited jazz

Paykuna excellent high-spirited jazz Paykuna – RAICES:  An absolutely interesting jazz album of Bolivian music, albeit played in (of all places) Switzerland… the composer, Demian Coca, is an absolutely stunning musical talent, and his bandmates are all ON (in every sense of the word) when playing together.  Just listen to tunes like the constantly moving 6:43 “Celeste“, and you’ll find your ears returning again & again to Demian’s excellent music – the rhythm changes alone make this song worth purchasing the album… I just LOVED this piece.

Demian’s piano is joined by Antoine Humberset (flutes) Benjamin Knecht (alto saxophone) Nicolas Gurtner (tenor saxophone) Balthasar Hürner (guitar) Marius Meier (bass) Adrian Böckli (drums), and I’ll tell you right now, folks… they KICK it… to witness their exhilarating energy, watch the short video trailer for the album below:

…while you’re there, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Demian’s YouTube channel as well… I’m telling you folks, you’ll be hearing much more from these high-energy, high-talent players!

It amazed me to read (in the promo sheet that accompanied the album) that these folks started out as a “rehearsal band”… but I’m sure glad they got together, and you will be too as you listen to the title track, “Raíces” (I get “roots” from the translator; not sure if that’s accurate)… some beautiful work that certainly merits an award!

It was the penetrating percussion on the 7:14 opener, “Coroico“, that made it my personal favorite of the eight superb jazz compositions offered up for your aural enjoyment.  I give Demian and his compadres a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this very entertaining musical adventure.  Get more information via Demian’s FB page.        Rotcod Zzaj

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