Misha Piatigorsky Trio magical spontaneous live jazz Misha Piatigorsky Trio – Stained Glass and Technicolor Grooves

Misha Piatigorsky Trio magical spontaneous live jazz Misha Piatigorsky Trio – STAINED GLASS AND TECHNICOLOR GROOVES:  All I can say at this point is – WOW… usually, you glance at liner notes and move right on past them, but in this case, the “sparks of spontaneity” they speak of are real, and you’ll “catch their fire” by the 8th bar of “Where’s The Sun?”, a splendid original composition by Misha… strong elements of blues in Misha’s piano, then right after the two-minute mark, the whole group takes you soaring into jazz Nirvana… I loved this song… it will be spinning often on my player, to be sure.

Misha’s piano work is joined by Charlie Dougherty on bass, Sam Fishman doing drums, and special guest Jeremy Fishman on saxophone (tracks 8, 9 and 10), and on their rendition of Mongo Santamaría’s Afro Blue, you’ll hear Jeremy’s sax just KICKIN’ it… one of the best performances of this classic jazz tune I’ve ever heard (& that’s really sayin’ somethin’, ‘coz I’ve heard it thousands of times)!

There’s a really laid-back piece that listeners who crave serenity will love… another original from Misha, “Nachlaot” (the longest performance on the album) clocks in at 12:09, so each player has their chance to shine after Misha’s wonderful piano introduction… I can (easily) see this tune being nominated for an award… new jazz for new ears!

My first listen through the album made it totally clear that my personal favorite is the closing track, “I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free”… sakes alive, you’ll think you’re at a gospel meeting… Misha’s soulful and powerful piano reminds me a great deal of “Swiss Movement” (with Les McCann and Eddie Harris) on this song.  Just SUPERB jazz work on this piece.

I give Misha & the rest of the folks a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this very exciting album.  Get more information on Misha’s website.          Rotcod Zzaj

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Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf (aka Rotcod Zzaj) is a globe-hopping musician and poet who spent many years roving the world until he finally settled in his current abode, Lacey, Washington... just down the road from Seattle. He started IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION magazine in 1990 (still being published), and Contemporary Fusion Reviews magazine in 2016. He also was a keyboard player & singer for many years... you can hear (and download for free) many of those works at his "Internet Archive Collection". If you'd like to support our efforts and get something in return, there are also a few of these albums for sale on the Rotcod Zzaj BandCamp site"

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