Fantastic fusion focus Nicolas Meier and Dewa Budjana – Flying Spirits

Fantastic fusion focus Nicolas Meier and Dewa Budjana

Fantastic fusion focus Nicolas Meier and Dewa Budjana – FLYING SPIRITS:  The masterful fusion guitar playing of Nicolas and Dewa transports you to a whole new world of sonic pleasure… you can watch Nicolas explain a few things about this marvelous and powerful album when you SUBSCRIBE to the BlueCanoeRecords YouTube channel (along with a whole host of other wonderful performers)…

Nicolas, Dewa and Jimmy Haslip produced the album, and the players you’ll marvel at are guitar/glissentar: Nicolas Meier; guitar/synth guitar; sitar guitar: Dewa Budjana; bass: Jimmy Haslip; drums: Asaf Sikis and flutes: Saat Syah… they will definitely help your spirit to soar to new heights as you listen to the high-energy “Riversides“… Saat’s flute work is at the forefront on this one, with the other players blending in more magic than your ears are used to, especially from the standpoint of progressive/fusion… this 6:36 gem will be getting massive airplay across the globe, I predict!

If you’re thirsting for a tune that gives more prominence to the guitar and synth aspects, you’ll find “Gschwend Trees” very much to your liking… Jimmy’s bass at the 2:35 mark is full of life, and moves the piece into the higher territory of the stratosphere… this song made it easy to pick this for permanent placement on my iPhone player (something that happens with only the very best music, by the way). 

Of the eight (long) performances offered up for this sonic journey, my choice for personal favorite was (unquestionably) the 8:03 “Ganga“… the rousing vocal intro will have you twirling ’round the night campfires with absolute and eternal glee… a real middle eastern flavor that certainly deserves an award (if I were on the voting panels, it would definitely WIN one)!

I give Nicolas, Dewa and all the players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00… what that means, of course, is that it also gets a “PICK” from me for “most fantastic fusion album”.  Get more information on the Blue Canoe Records page for the release.                        Rotcod Zzaj

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