Exciting intercultural sonic works Sojourners – Cultural Fusion 2

Exciting intercultural sonic works Sojourner

Exciting intercultural sonic works Sojourners – CULTURAL FUSION 2:  Wow, what a difference can be made with remixes… I first reviewed Alex’s exciting intercultural sonic works in April, 2018… you can keep track of Soujourners’ latest releases on Sojourners’ SOUNDCLOUD pages.

The remixes I received are all VIBRANT, and “wide-alive” with some wonderful piano and vocals, as well as many other instruments woven into the new mixes – I was MOST impressed with the string weaves on these pieces… the three remixed songs he sent are as follows… 1) One Hundred Years; 2) See You Tomorrow and 3) Mystery of Life, and they will definitely appeal to listeners who thirst for truly intercultural works… the players on this iteration of Sojourners are – Alex’s brother Ted (voice); John Tsang (voice) and Alex, who composed and performed on almost all instruments… 

Though the player lineup is a bit different than on the upcoming album, you can get a good feel for Alex’s high talent abilities by watching this (slightly older) video of his performance…

…isn’t that fantastic?  In order to stay in touch with Alex’s works, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube channel, since you’re there already… I did… in fact, it would be nice to see some live performance videos of Sojourners up there, too (hint, hint).

Alex tells me that Sojourners is already booked for flights to Hong Kong and Taiwan in May, so be sure and check your local schedules if you want to witness their truly superb performances.

Alex and crew get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my ears, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for these splendid new sonic adventures. 

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