Christopher James exploratory music Christopher James – The Sad Waltz

Christopher James exploratory music

Christopher James exploratory music Christopher James – THE SAD WALTZ:  I’m truly surprised that I hadn’t been exposed to Christopher’s wonderful exploratory music before… the opening track, “Consequence of Intent“, uses guitar treatments with sweeping musical landscapes to capture, and hold, your ears in awe… a truly beautiful piece of music with the energy of the universe at it’s disposal.

The 4:18 “I Can See it Now” is a composition that Christopher says “looks back at is relationship with his late father”, and when the beautiful vocal weaves in at the 1:08 mark, it stirs deep memories of my own – which I’m sure was exactly what was intended by the artist… this tune will come back into your head often and may even bring a tear to your eye – as it did for me.  Listen to it now on the YouTube video below, and you will hear what I mean… the uplifting “One Last Time” also explores similar territory, and has some astounding piano (and horn) moments.

This is far more than “just another New Age album”, too… the musical diversity he writes with is clearly evident in the dynamically different song “The Mighty Quinn (Martin)“… the piano work is beyond excellent, and he uses a broad range of instruments to give you a full-bodied musical adventure that you’ll be listening to over & over again!

As an aside, for future releases, it would be wonderful to have a “studio” version of a song like this that shows the performers in action… but that’s only a minor criticism, because it’s the high talent and energy that Christopher brings to you through his deeply moving exploratory music that makes the audio experience so wonderfully worthwhile. 

Just listen to my personal favorite of the fourteen songs offered up, “Close Your Eyes“, to immerse yourself (and your spirit) in Christopher’s magical ability to bring his experiences to you – the string washes on this composition alone make it well worth the purchase… very accessible and full of vibrant life!  I give Christopher a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of (a perfect) 5.00… meaning his work also gets my “PICK” for “most diverse musical album”.  Get more information at Christopher’s page for this release.      Rotcod Zzaj

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