Audaciously delicious experiments Leap of Faith Orchestra – The Photon Epoch

Audaciously delicious experiments Leap of Faith Orchestra

Audaciously delicious experiments Leap of Faith Orchestra – THE PHOTON EPOCH:  I’ve reviewed “LOFO” several times now, & each performance is better… one word of advice, however… approach their music with NO preconceived notions… of course, as with all great experimental music, it’s always better to SEE it, so I MOST strongly recommend that you watch the live video first…

…I do actually realize that this isn’t “music for everyone”… but if (like me) you’re prone towards music that explores new territory each & every time they perform, you will want to be SURE to SUBSCRIBE to their YouTube channel, where you’ll find many more sonic adventures to enjoy.  The PLAYER LIST is also on the video above, as it’s far too long to list here.

My most recent review of LOFO’s work was for their “COSMOLOGICAL HORIZONS” album, which got VERY high marks!  As Composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and label founder PEK notes, there ARE no “appropriate labels” for the music created here… just imagine yourself on an interstellar journey, albeit with the pilot declaring that “all’s been lost”, & each wormhole rider is “on their own”… for many listeners, that’s not a comfortable place to be, but since I got my start with experimental and improvised music, this hour & sixteen minute sonic trek is sheer perfection for me… if you’re at all adventurous – it WILL be for you, too!

There are no “breaks” (or “brakes”, for that matter)… so before you start listening (with your headphones on, of course), be sure you’ve got your “long-neck”, or “hookah”, or other “devices” prepped so you can enjoy the entire journey without interruption… personally, I believe there should be some kind of “awards” show for experimental music – & if there was, this trek would win awards HANDS-DOWN.

I give PEK & LOFO a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this splendid aural adventure.  In addition to the YouTube channel indicated above, you will want to check some of their other locations to stay current… their Evil Clown website; the page for The Photon Epoch on that site; the Evil Clown Facebook page; and their BandCamp page.       Rotcod Zzaj

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