Anaya Music passionately stirring songs Anaya Music – Aonki Gateway of Love

Anaya Music passionately stirring songs

Anaya Music passionately stirring songs Anaya Music – AONKI GATEWAY OF LOVE:  This Global Music Award winner was reviewed (very favorably) in our pages in issue # 165… her new project was done in “virtual mode” with members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, from her studio in Brazil… as you listen to inspiring compositions like the 5:36 “Breath” (the samples aren’t live yet, as the album is in “Pre-sale” mode, releasing on 9 February, 2018, but the links should work within the next few weeks – or, just order your own copy from the Pre-sale), you will realize immediately why she has won awards… I’ve no doubt that she will win one for this tune as well… deeply moving and universal in scope… the string work is beyond compare.

The true POWER of her creative spirit is fully demonstrated in the wonderful video for the opening piece, “Laman Song“… watch it to get full exposure to her wonderful ability to help you reach (and pass on through) the “gateways” in your own life…

One of the most desirable states an artist can achieve is to elevate the human spirit, and there’s no doubt that Anaya does that on the 6:39 “Because of You“… a quiet, simple piece that fuses wonderful guitar together with highly inspiring strings… I listen to this one over and over again, and have no doubt you will as well.

If you’re looking for a song that will help you rise above the fray, you need look no further than the universally attractive strains of “Extase II“… one advisement… be sure to listen to this (at least for your first sitting) with headphones on… you will want to wrap your ears in the beauty that Anaya projects for your soul on this awesome piece of music.

Of the ten songs offered up, though, it is the 6:02 closer, “A Path to the Infinite“, that most deeply affected my spirit… there’s no question that it’s my favorite on the album, and I predict that the composition will be recommended for awards – and win! 

I give Anaya a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this superb release.  Get more information and listen to her truly moving music at Anaya’s store page.           Rotcod Zzaj

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