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Amazing musical experiences Louis Anthony deLise – NATURAL LIGHT:  There are certain performances that bring back most pleasant musical mem’ries for me… of my grandmother playing classical piano; my enjoyable experiences singing in youth chorales; and my parents teaching old and young folks how to “bring on the spirit” through music… Louis Anthony deLise’s first solo album is one of those performances, without a doubt.

Regarding his compositions, Louis says “All of the pieces began life as improvisations borne out of a reflection about something“… one of the songs that stirred my own inner being with the fire of the spirits is the beautiful “Spring Rain” (featuring my musical friend Jeff Oster on trumpet)… what sets Louis’s music apart from all the others is the excellent “pacing”, and this tune is the most unique example I’ve heard for the POWER of music (yet) in 2019… he proves himself a true master with this lush composition!

Nancy Rumbel’s enchanting English horn on the opener, “Mosaic“, is simply haunting… a magical (yet tender) piano intro segues ever-so-gently into Nancy’s lead, joined by magical strings and percussive elements that will hold you totally spellbound.

Dr. deLise’s piano on “American Darkness” evokes strong emotions; it was composed spontaneously… in his own words… “”On the day after the Russian attack on our democracy (9 November 2016), I sat at the piano and improvised. This ‘love letter to America’ is the music that came out.“… I found myself captivated by his playing and expression.  This is one of my favorite performances on the album.

Of the eleven songs Louis offers up, it was easy to choose my personal favorite… “Winter’s Chill” features Nancy Rumbel’s oboe work, with svelte harp and heart-tugging strings is definitely my “pick”… I predict that this piece will get MANY spins on DJ playlists ’round the globe!

I give Louis a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of a (perfect) 5.00… meaning that it also gets my “PICK” for “most reflective and powerful album”.  Learn more about Louis and his broad spectrum of musical experience on the Louis Anthony deLise website.           Rotcod Zzaj


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Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf (aka Rotcod Zzaj) is a globe-hopping musician and poet who spent many years roving the world until he finally settled in his current abode, Lacey, Washington... just down the road from Seattle. He started IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION magazine in 1990 (still being published), and Contemporary Fusion Reviews magazine in 2016. He also was a keyboard player & singer for many years... you can hear (and download for free) many of those works at his "Internet Archive Collection". If you'd like to support our efforts and get something in return, there are also a few of these albums for sale on the Rotcod Zzaj BandCamp site"

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