Spiritually uplifting independent creation Harlan Mark Vale – Wear The World Like A Loose Garment

Spiritually uplifting independent creation Harlan Mark Vale

Spiritually uplifting independent creation Harlan Mark Vale – WEAR THE WORLD LIKE A LOOSE GARMENT:  I’m always waiting with eager anticipation for new creations from my long-time friend Mark… he’s an absolute genius when it comes to making music that is spiritually uplifting with fresh views on the world around us… you will (undoubtedly) be transfixed by the tunes on his latest album, particularly compositions like the 7:22 “Velvet Granules“… he uses various instrument sounds and elegant percussion to intrigue you into his world of sound on this wonderful piece of music… one of my absolute favorites!

Don’t get bogged down with thinking that this is “just another New Age” album, though… as you listen to the scintillating rhythms on “Prism“, you’ll hear all the freshness you would expect if you were traveling through the nether regions of our galaxy… what a wonderful sonic ride!  This song definitely reminds me of some of the performances we used to do live together, too.

If percussion is something that drives you to create, or dance, or just “move”, you’re going to fall in love with “What Comes Next“… just imagine yourself sitting ’round a campfire on a far-away mountain, looking at what your future may bring… I just LOVE this piece of music, and have little doubt you will, too.

Some of you know that I used to play and record with Mark (a lot), and my personal favorite of the thirteen high-energy tunes he offers up on this aural adventure takes me back many years… “Implosion of Grasping” will surprise your ears at every turn, and make you realize that you’re in the presence of an aural performance master player!

I give Mark a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this one with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00… which means that he also gets my “PICK” for “most creative independent artist”.  Get more information on the Bandcamp page for this release.           Rotcod Zzaj

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