Yaysh rap decidedly different style Yaysh – Twisted

Yaysh rap decidedly different style

Yaysh rap decidedly different style Yaysh – TWISTED:  The liner notes classify Yaysh’s music as “Hip Hop, Pop, Electropop, Dance”, and on her new single, “Twisted“, that’s borne out with ample proof of the true talent she has… what’s most unique about her style is that she is (in her own words) – “weird”!  Right now, the only place the only place I could find this single is on Spotify (which I don’t really like… would recommend samples go on Amazon, Soundcloud or other places, too)… that’s only a minor complaint, though… this 3:38 single has the kind of energy that’s gonna’ make it an “instant hit” on iPhones & other “devices” ’round the globe… nice swaying rhythm & a lyric that’s catchy & quite danceable!

The place where you can best witness her totally different style is on the video for her previously released single, “Daep” (means beautiful in Vietnamese)…

…as you can see, the production on the video is WAY UP… nice weave of low-tempo beats in together with tasty visuals that hammer Yaysh’s message of sexy beauty right-on HOME, peepz… I totally dug this video!

This is an artist to keep your ear (& your eye) on… you can BET that she will produce ever more interesting music in the series of singles, EP’s & videos she has coming up through 2018.  Check her out on the Yaysh website, and be sure to sign up for her YouTube channel

MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98.    Rotcod Zzaj

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