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grammy vocal work

grammy vocal work Darlene Koldenhoven – COLOR ME HOME:  I’ve been reviewing Darlene’s splendid vocal and piano (“sonic therapy”) works for a long time now, first starting (way back) in issue # 60, and most recently in issue # 141.  Her Grammy-winning vocal work is simply astounding, as I’ve noted in (many) previous reviews of her releases, and on this new one, her beautiful keyboard work is prominent as well!  As you listen to compositions like the (totally) inspiring “Kalahari Calls“, where she’s joined by several other prominent players, many of whom have been reviewed here (Wouter Kellerman, Ricky Kej, David Arkenstone – & the list goes on & on), with percussion more marvelous than you’ve heard in years, you’ll find yourself transported far above earthly worries and cares.

I also think it’s very important that you watch this fantastic video of Darlene in live performance on Shanti Samsara by Ricky Kej, and featuring Rocky Dawuni, Wouter Kellerman, and, of course, Darlene’s superb vocals… full of the energy of life:

The nature sounds included in the 6:01 “Song of the Swans” are a perfect compliment as they lead in to Darlene’s stunning vocal… if you use the “coloring book” she’s included in the package (even includes colored pencils), you will find yourself “tripping” back to far earlier years/times, as your memories rise to the surface – which, I’ve no doubt, was a part of the whole idea… a truly wonderful piece of music that will help you return to your inner self and break away from any walls you may have built up ’round your spirit.  I can say with total certainty that my own therapist (who shall go unnamed, lol) would be more than willing to use this as a healing therapy!

Darlene’s creativity and talent are far above the average you may have become used to in the world of “new music”, and all eleven compositions offered up are her own!  There is always a “favorite” for me, and it was immediately apparent to my ears that “Indian Summer” is mine… she’s captured the beauty and joy of those so special moments when a respite from the lowering temperatures of late fall comes about.

Darlene just sent me links to a couple of beautiful videos from this album that I’ve no doubt you will enjoy, too:

You owe it to your ears, not to mention the health of your soul, to get this for your collection… watch Darlene’s website closely, as the pre-release will be announced there in the very near term.  This upcoming release is surely my favorite vocal/New Age album (yet)for 2017, and gets my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, as well as an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of a (perfect) 5.00… meaning it also gets a “PICK” for “best enchanted vocal release”!  GET this one… as soon as you can!       Rotcod Zzaj


  1. Dick,
    What a joy to receive such an amazing review for my new album, Color Me Home. You really nailed it and quite nicely. I’m so thankful for all your support and your kind, beautiful words.
    Your humble fan,
    Darlene Koldenhoven

  2. Darlene – I’m VERY happy you liked the review… anytime – your work is always welcome here!

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