Testament to a true vocal artist Angie Wells – Truth Be Told

Testament to a true vocal artist Angie Wells – TRUTH BE TOLD:  Angie Wells just released her latest album, “Truth be Told”, and it’s definitely a testament to a true vocal artist.   This album is a compilation of 16 jazz-infused tracks that showcase Wells’ seasoned vocals and serves as a testament to her artistry. Angie’s musical journey, which draws inspiration from her family and personal life, captivates listeners from the first to the last note.  Watch her explain how the album was put together first…

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Truth be Told” features exceptional production quality, as John Clayton produced and mastered it. As a follow-up to her previous album, “Love and Mischief,” this new endeavor explores various topics, ranging from politics to positivity to the complexities of love and life. Wells shares her truths fearlessly in each song, inviting listeners to connect with the unvarnished emotion and vulnerability woven into each melody and lyric.

The artist effortlessly crafts her vocals into the rich tapestry of jazz on “Truth be Told,” which will captivate jazz fans. Her voice glides gracefully over the music, leaving an indelible imprint on every song, which is attributed to her strong and mature voice.

While jazz enthusiasts will enjoy the album’s improvisations and sophisticated arrangements, the universal themes explored in “Truth be Told” ensure its broad appeal. The seamless combination of soul, jazz, and heartfelt storytelling creates an inviting soundscape that embraces listeners of all musical tastes.

“Truth be Told” is a testament to Angie Wells’ commitment to her craft and her unapologetic artistic integrity. The album’s title reflects the themes explored and the emotional sincerity that permeates each track. This album is available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and others, ensuring its poignant message and soulful melodies reach a broad audience.

The album includes an impressive lineup of LA’s best jazz musicians: pianist Josh Nelson, Clayton Cameron on drums, bassist Trevor Ware, guitarist Larry Koonse, Jacob Scesney on tenor sax, Ivan Malespin on trombone, Kye Palmer on flugelhorn and trumpet, Katisse Buckingham on flute and organist Carey Frank on Hammond b3. Vocalists Lynne Fiddmont and Valerie Geason join on background vocals. Producer John Clayton is featured as a special guest on bass in duet with Angie.  Check the album out at Angie’s Spotify page for the album, below…

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