Innovative universal beauty Kluane Takhini – To Catch Lightning In A Bottle

Innovative universal beauty

Innovative universal beauty Kluane Takhini – TO CATCH LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE:  We’ve reviewed and enjoyed many of Kluane’s releases, and on this newly assembled release, you’ll see and hear why the innovative universal beauty he always creates is so attractive to us… the videos are superbly crafted, as you’ll see when you watch this performance of the title track, “To Catch Lightning In A Bottle“…

I’ve been on Kluane’s YouTube channel ever since I first heard his work; be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Kluane Takhini YouTube channel.

The visuals on “90 Seconds to Midnight – Baila” do a perfect job of conveying the chaos, uncertainty and (often) joy we all feel as we face challenges unlike any we have ever faced before, and the mood shifts are simply stunning, folks!

Our friend Kluane “takes a break to write a pretty song” on the beautiful “Peace Begins With A Smile“… again, the visual environment created is very calming, and James Hill’s trumpet is pure aural pleasure.

Kluane’s compositional skills are at the forefront on “The View From Six Feet Under“; it is absolutely penetrating, though somewhat in the “haunted zone”… strangely sublime!

One of the most inspiring spoken-word pieces I’ve ever listened to is included on the album… Shane Beck performs his marvelous and moving poem on “Poem for the Shadow King“… the line “Standing on hollow ground as my eyes seek to separate the false light” caught my ears right away, and made this my favorite tune on the new album… Steve Delorme’s video is totally engaging!

There are many artists who claim diversity, but I can tell you right now that none are as distinct and challenging in their creativity and sensitivity as Kluane… this great album gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.  Listen to and purchase the album on Spotify, below…


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