Stunning vocal journeys MeVsMyself – Yggdrasill

Stunning vocal journeys MeVsMyself – YGGDRASILL:  Something I can promise you, without qualification… you have never, EVER, heard music like this… it’s an older release, but the stunning vocal journeys that Giorgio Pinardi takes you on will totally BLOW your MIND… check out this teaser video first…

When I think of vocal as instrument artists, I rely on the “old standards” like Bobby McFerrin, or my pal Boris Savoldelli, but Giorgio brings new excitement and energy to the genre, and makes the vocals come alive, particularly on tunes like Alborj – if you love vocal work, you will be as enchanted as I was, I have no doubt!  Cross-cultural vocal fusion, if you will!

MeVsMyself has two other albums that you should listen to when you FOLLOW him on BandCamp, too.  Absolute excitement, folks.  I’ve embedded the Yggdrasill album below as well.

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