Powerhouse rock performance from down under SkinsNbones – There’s Reason single review

Powerhouse rock performance from down under SkinsNbones

Powerhouse rock performance from down under SkinsNbones – THERE’S REASON:  If you’re an old “rockhound” (like me), you’re constantly looking for that rip-snorter that will carry you on into 2021… I can tell you right now that this powerhouse rock performance from Skin N Bones will give you what you’re lookin’ for.  Though I didn’t find any LIVE performances (yet), you can hear more of their thought-provoking music when you SUBSCRIBE to the Red QLD YouTube channel… just click below to hear “There’s Reason” from their upcoming tri-single release on January 5th, 2021…

Lead vocalist Jason Kafoa sings in a gritty style that raises questions and makes you think about your answers; something we sorely need in today’s environment of “guided” social media (in other words, propaganda)… I predict this song will begin to pick up some major airplay in the coming months!

What’s most exciting about this group is that they bring back a sense of the rebellious ’60’s, with all it’s happenings, from maudlin to challenging to inspiring… they use heavy (thumping) guitars to emphasize their points – and will, therefore, drive all the “blue meanies” straight off the edge of the cliff, lol.

I give SkinsNbones a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this thought-provoking single.  Get more information on their website.                                           Rotcod Zzaj

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