No boundaries magical jazz vocals Beata Pater – Tet

No boundaries magical jazz vocals Beata Pater

No boundaries jazz magical vocals Beata Pater – TET:  The thing about Beata Pater’s magical vocals is that she is TOTALLY unique, and you’ll find (as I have) that her work is timeless… I didn’t find any LIVE videos from the current album, but to illustrate her eternal allure, be sure to watch the video below…

…there are a lot of videos posted, so be sure you SUBSCRIBE to Beata’s YouTube channel, where you’ll find hours worth of her high quality entertainment… I did.

I reviewed her in issue # 165, and was just astounded by her “non-lyrical” work there… I’ve no doubt you will be as well… on the new release, the opener, “Little Sunflower” (lyrics by Al Jarreau) makes the purchase of the entire album worth it (you won’t find samples yet, as this doesn’t release until May, 2019… I will come back and add them in as soon as I’m told they are available).  Lively players compliment her vocal wizardry, and will hold you absolutely spellbound for the entire 5:22 length of the track!

As always, Beata “pushes the envelope”, and songs like “Crystal Silence” illustrate her ability to wrap you in her vocal spell… the violin and strings lend the tune a quite melancholy aura… I highly recommend you listen to this one (as well as all the others) with your headphones on, so you can catch every little nuance of her intriguing performance.

The bass intro to “I Feel You” is definitely in the “most mellow zone”, and when Beata weaves her vocal into the piece, it’s almost like she’s “talking” with the bass… I believe this song will be getting MAJOR airplay on stations ’round the globe.

It didn’t take me long to determine that Beata’s performance on Burton Lane’s “Old Devil Moon” is my absolute favorite of the nine amazing jazz vocals she offers up for your aural adventure… lively pacing, and superb arrangements of the piece are the hallmarks!

I give Beata a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99… learn more, and watch for the pre-sale, on Beata’s website.         Rotcod Zzaj

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