New Jersey roots blues Al Gold – Al Gold’s Paradise

New Jersey roots blues Al Gold

New Jersey roots blues Al Gold – AL GOLD’S PARADISE:  Al Gold plays electric and slide guitar in conjunction with this wildly jamming 11 piece ensemble (featuring organist Jared Gold and guitarist Dave Stryker)… if you didn’t think “the blues” could come outta’ New Jersey – think AGAIN.

You won’t find any samples (yet), as the album doesn’t release until early March, 2020, but I can tell you right NOW that songs like the 4:44 “Mr. Banker” will GIVE ya’ th’ blues if ya’ didn’t have them already, lol… straight-ahead jam with lots of nice slide… think “Catfish Hodge” at high-speed, maybe!

The harp on “Boogie In The Dark” takes you deep into the Delta & will NOT let go… the gators & the swamp rats will be invading your dreams after you listen to this one… with yo’ headphones ON, people.

Stridin’ & thumpin’ is what it’s all ABOUT on the opener, the 4:05 “That’s My Baby”… you’ll be stompin’ in high cotton as you listen to this track (over & OVER again) – some KILLER sax, too; I predict this one will be getting HUGE airplay on stations across the globe!

It’s the subtle guitar intro on “Won’t Sleep Tonight” that made it my personal favorite of the ten tunes Al offers up for your blues pleasure… this song will (definitely) make you a believer.

I give Al and his musical pals a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this mighty memorable album.  Get more information on his FB page.            Rotcod Zzaj

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