Meanr Mynr excellent evolving electronica Meanr Mynr – The Sacrifice EP critique

Meanr Mynr excellent evolving electronica

Meanr Mynr excellent evolving electronica Meanr Mynr – THE SACRIFICE EP CRITIQUE:  EP’s meet a “hard screen” here, because there are so many submissions… only a few make it into this magazine, but as soon as I listened to the first few bars of the title track, “The Sacrifice“, I knew the beat-driven style that  Meanr Mynr (aka Reggie Sudduth, from Denver, Colorado) plays so well in would make the cut… a part of that may simply be the length of the track – it clocks in at 4:16 (the longest cut on the EP, btw) – but, the main reason is because he shows a dedication to engaging the listener that many EP producers just don’t have.

Critique-wise, even for an EP, I’d like to hear a bit more than sixteen minutes on the next recording… it also would be great to see some kind of live video of production or performance of the song… I scoured YouTube, & didn’t find any… (if there are videos already up from this EP – let me know & I’ll watch them & link them in)…

I really dig the various styles he’s able to play in, best evidenced by “Party To Damascus“, my personal favorite on the EP… I’ll be looking forward to more from this fine player… he gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this interesting EP.  Get more information on Meanr Mynr’s Bandcamp page for the EP.      Rotcod Zzaj

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