Madeleine & Salomon deeply moving visionary Madeleine & Salomon – A Woman’s Journey

Madeleine & Salomon deeply moving visionary

Madeleine & Salomon deeply moving visionary Madeleine & Salomon – A WOMAN’S JOURNEY:  Readers who have been with me for any length of time know that we don’t just review “the easy ones”… music with a real message is often difficult to find these days, but as you listen to the soaring vocals backing spoken-word on “No government/High school drag“, featuring piano from Alexandre Saada and vocal/flute works by Clotilde,  you’ll realize that the music on this CD “requires listening”… it’s certainly not background music, and it may be a challenge for some sorts of listeners, but here in our review studio, it’s the most desired kind of music on the face of the earth… absolutely too cool!

On the other hand, their rendition of Janis Ian’s classic “At Seventeen” magically transports me right back to the ’70’s when I first heard the song… you can instantly hear their rapport for mutual performance… I totally dug this tune.

You may remember Marvin Gaye’s song “Save The Children”, but you won’t believe the emotion they pack his classic with… Clotilde’s vocal is exceptional, and her haunting flute injections will hold your ears totally spellbound!

Their original, “Le Jour Né de la Femme” (The Day Born of Woman), is a perfect closure to over forty-five minutes of very engaging jazz, and Alexandre’s piano is pure perfection on the song.

The most beautiful piano/vocal/flute song I’ve heard (yet) in 2017, though, is my personal favorite of the fifteen songs they offer up… Nina Simone’s “Four Women” conveys an entire range of emotions you’ve never felt unless you are of the female persuasion… and, perhaps, even if you are.   Just WONDERFUL. 

I give Alexandre and Clotilde a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.  Get more information at the Madeleine & Salomon web page for this release.          Rotcod Zzaj

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