Lovely jazz memories during lockdown Quinn Johnson – Pastimes (from times past)

Lovely jazz memories during lockdown Quinn Johnson

Lovely jazz memories during lockdown Quinn Johnson – PASTIMES (FROM TIMES PAST):  Though jazz pianist Quinn has been performing for decades in various settings, this is my first time to hear his superb playing; I can guarantee you that his lovely jazz memories will make your day a bit brighter.  While I didn’t find any LIVE performances on the Quinn Johnson YouTube topic channel, you’ll still want to investigate that.

Quinn’s piano style on tunes like the 5:59 “After Silence” is solid and full of what makes jazz the music of life… I have no doubt that jazz DJ’s across the globe will be targeting this song for ever-more frequent airplay on their shows.  An absolute must-have for your collection!

His partners in this effort are top-of-the-line, to be sure… drums: Kevin Winard 1,6,7; Tom Brechtlein 8,9,10; Chris Wabich 3,4,5; Joel Taylor 2; bass: Trey Henry 3,4,5; David Finck 6,7; Kevin Axt 1,8,9; Hussain Jiffry 10; Edwin Livingston 2; guitar: Bob Mann 10 and percussion: Kevin Winard 7; Chris Wabich 3,4… I especially loved Quinn’s piano on “Remembrance“, and David’s bass on this piece is simple beauty.

If it’s gentle and laid-back groove you’re yearning for, you’ll find Quinn’s original “Child’s Song-Portrait” very enjoyable… what really stands out on this piece is his skill at “pacing”… it brought back many pleasant memories for me!

All eleven exciting performances are originals/arrangements by Quinn, and readers who frequent my pages know that it’s always original music that inspires me the most… you’ll hear why on the lively & upbeat “Bayou Baião“… Tom’s drums are just KILLER on this, and Bob’s guitar leads will scorch your ears… high-energy that will have you up & dancin’ ’round the room in only moments from the first note.

It was no difficulty to decide my choice for personal favorite of the eleven songs… the 5:41 “Falling Forward” wraps you into Quinn’s magical piano spell immediately… you’ll find yourself snapping fingers and tappin’ toes – the integration of organ sounds with Quinn’s piano makes for one of the very best jazz journeys I’ve had (yet) in 2021!

I give Quinn and all his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this jazz treasure.  Get more information on Quinn’s website.                                     Rotcod Zzaj

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