Killer experimental rock Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier – February Meets Soldier String Quartet

Killer experimental rock Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier

Killer experimental rock Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier – FEBRUARY MEETS SOLDIER STRING QUARTET:  Woo-HOO, people… if you’ve been wonderin’ where all that killer experimental rock of yesteryear went, you’ve no further to look than this totally engaging CD… I’ve already listened through the entire 45 minutes four times (already) since I got it in yesterday… though you won’t find LIVE videos (yet, hint! hint!), you can view & listen to the entire album right NOW…

On the intro to the 8:05 “A Very Good Year“, the overtones will give you a sense of comfort for a moment, but right around the 1:55 mark the drums kick in and transport you to a level of trance you’ve not experienced lately… DJ’s around the globe are going to be plugging this heavy-duty gem into their playlists every phroggin’ day!

The 9:16 opener, “Hate To See You Go“, will bring flashbacks of sweat-hot nights on Chicken-shack floors that just REFUSE to let go of yo’ head… this tune will take you HIGH all by itself (no substances required).

After two listens through the album, it was (readily) clear to me that “Requiem For Hulis Pulis” was my choice for favorite of the four (long) tunes offered up… in fact, this 16:09 rock gem made me decide that the entire album gets a spot on my iPhone player (reserved for only the HOTTEST tracks)!

I give Kane & Soldier a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this fine rocker.  Get more information on the EEG Records website.                                                Rotcod Zzaj

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