* jaketavill different 21stcentury music * Jake Tavill – Twisted Ideology

* jaketavill different 21stcentury music *

* jaketavill different 21stcentury music * Jake Tavill – TWISTED IDEOLOGY:  One of the truly great things about being a “different kinda’ old man” is that I get to keep my blood movin’ with today’s newest music… and Jake’s music, both lyrically and instrumentally, will certainly impress you with the diversity of talent he and his players display… just listen to one of my favorite high-energy pieces (so far) for 2017… “Legs In A Twist” takes a fairly common theme (think Carole King with some kinda’ “illicit marriage” with Thomas Dolby, maybe) & infuses the patterns with clear and distinct 21st Century vibes; full of freshness and some fantastic rhythm segments… I totally dig this tune! 

If you don’t exactly trust these old ears, just check out the group’s performance on “It Don’t Matter”, one of the coolest tracks on the album:

This is only a sampling of what Jake is capable of, since it’s only (just over) 27 minutes long… that’s the only real critique I have… I’d like to see his next release be a full 45 minutes (or more)… only a minor complaint, though, & tunes like my personal favorite of the seven offered up, the down & funk-filled opener, “You’re Gonna Love Me“, more than make up for that… though it’s the shortest cut on the album, it clearly shows the potential he has to take the world over with his music, lol.  I give Jake & crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98, for this splendid little nugget.  You can find out more on Jake’s website (& tell him you read about him here, of course… Zzaj advisory – KEEP your EARS on Jake – he’s gonna’ rise to the top quickly).           Rotcod Zzaj

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