Ivan Beecroft real gutsy modern rock Ivan Beecroft – Whatever

Ivan Beecroft real gutsy modern rock

Ivan Beecroft real gutsy modern rock Ivan Beecroft – WHATEVER:  Ivan comes from a “real” background, i.e., working class… & it seems that is exactly what spurred him on to writing music that is sometimes angry, others a tad nasty – but, ALWAYS full of life; it wouldn’t be hard to “classify” his music, except that he has so many influences coursing through songs like the 4:18 “You Can’t Take My Soul” that it can’t be nailed down… you’ll hear what I mean as you listen to it (this album won’t be released officially until 9 November, 2017, so the sample/links won’t work until a bit later; I’ll come back & add them in when I’m notified that the album has “gone hot”)… & for an even more poignant experience that illustrates the attitude we all need to take towards “the man” these days, check out this video of the song below:

…full-tilt, with an attitude that’s ready for the resistance that’s on the horizon of tomorrow… a very nicely produced video, aye?  I thought so, for sure!

The whole musical “DIY” (do it yourself) thing I grew up as a part of during the ’70’s through the ’90’s (I was on over 60 tapes & CD’s, by the way, so I know whereof I rant) is most evident in Ivan’s “Say It To My Face“… of course, 100’s of (maybe 1000’s) other artists have made a song like that, some even with the same title, but it is Ivan’s superb rawkin’ guitar work & driven vocal work on this tune which truly sets it apart from all those other wannabes – be sure you listen to this LOUD, folks – it’s KILLER!

A partial quote from Ivan best explained how he sees his music, I thought… he said that “what it definitely can’t be viewed as, is a pretentious, irrelevant pile of fast food for the ears“… a perfect description, especially when you hear just how diverse Ivan is both lyrically and when playing… songs like my personal favorite track of the eleven offered up, the 4:29 “How Do You Sleep At Night“… a very nice piano intro that melds strings & near-orchestral elements as it moves through many well-executed changes.  I give Ivan a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.97 for this fine release.  Find out more about this highly talented player at the Ivan Beecroft website.           Rotcod Zzaj

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