Intricate enchanting engaging jazz Marc Wagnon – Interesting Times

Intricate enchanting engaging jazz Marc Wagnon

Intricate enchanting engaging jazz Marc Wagnon – INTERESTING TIMES:  I don’t often think of a jazz album in the context of “science” and “history”, but this marvelous set of creations from Marc and his players (Sarah Pillow: voice; Maria Grand: tenor sax; Tim Ouimette: trumpet; Kevin Oliver: alto sax; Kevin Moehringer: trombone; Van Manakas: guitar; Leo Traversa: bass; Jonathan Price: bass; Tony Green: acoustic bass and John O’Reilly Jr.: drums) does that and much, much more… I was first exposed to his intricate, enchanting and highly engaging style when I reviewed his “Earth Is A Cruel Master” (quite some time back), and gave him high marks then… you’ll see why I’m even more impressed as you watch the official release video for “Heliopause“…

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One of the most engaging, laid-back and mellow jazz performances I have heard (yet) in 2020 is the 5:22 “This Moment“… I predict that DJ’s of every stripe and persuasion around the globe will be spinning this full-bodied tune frequently!

If you just love vibraphone work, you won’t find any that’s more creative than what Marc creates for you on the beautiful “Hypatia“… Sarah’s vocal will transport you to “higher ground”, and together with the other players, gives you a real sense of motion and travel; in fact, the song takes you to the very outer reaches of the galaxy.

I get a kind of “outdoorsy” vibe as I listen to the splendid closer, “Lightning Strikes Once“… every note is “on time”, the recording is flawless, and there’s a nice “ride groove” going on all the way through the tune.

There was no question in my mind what my choice for personal favorite was going to be on this album… “Proxima Centauri” (nearest star) has a LOT of vibraphone woven into and through some totally splendid sonic beauty… I absolutely LOVED this song!

I give Marc and his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this most memorable exploratory jazz excursion.  Get more information on the Buckyball Music web page for the release.         Rotcod Zzaj

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