Highly attractive ambient Americana Laura Sullivan – Pieces of Forever

Highly attractive ambient Americana Laura Sullivan – PIECES OF FOREVER:  For those who don’t know, I spent a couple of years in eastern Kentucky, in a boarding school for “wayward preacher’s sons“… while there, I came to know (very well) the value of music that falls in the “Americana” category… Laura’s latest album gives you some of the most highly attractive ambient Americana you will ever hear.  It’s been a while since I reviewed Laura’s “Love’s River” album, so it’s really nice to hear this homage to her parents… before I start the review, I strongly encourage you to watch and listen to the beauty Laura creates on “Rest your sorrow Movement 1“…

If you enjoyed that as much as I did, you will want to make sure you SUBSCRIBE to Laura’s YouTube channel, so you can enjoy many more of her captivating performances.

In addition to Laura’s sensitive and sultry piano (and other instruments), you will also hear Gawain Mathews (guitar), Chloe Mendola (cello), Liz Hanks (cello), Bryan Daste (pedal steel guitar), Charles Butler (banjo), Adam Burney (harmonica), Caroline McCaskey (musical saw), and Kristin Weber (violin)… on songs like the haunting “The Long Goodbye“, a very emotional tribute to her musical father, who suffered from Alzheimer’s until his passage. 

Adam’s harmonica, joined with Laura’s perfectly paced keyboard mastery on “Blue Tent Creek“, takes me right back to those wooded hills in Kentucky… if any song should be considered for (and WIN) an award in the ambient Americana category, it is this one!

A Darker Season” opens the album with a somber mood as Laura reflects on the imminent dangers of climate change… many of the images she paints for us will immediately bring home the fear we should all have of not taking action to reverse the actions that have put us so much in danger.

I had no doubt that my choice for personal favorite of the eleven inspiring songs Laura offers up for us would be “The Farewell Fields“… though it’s one of the shorter tunes, it stirs memories of the many farewells I’ve had in my own life… a truly beautiful composition and performance!

I give Laura and all her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this lovely musical experience.  Get more information about Laura and the release on her website. as it becomes available – the album doesn’t officially go live until September 24th, 2021.                        Rotcod Zzaj

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Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf (aka Rotcod Zzaj) is a globe-hopping musician and poet who spent many years roving the world until he finally settled in his current abode, Lacey, Washington... just down the road from Seattle. He started IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION magazine in 1990 (still being published), and Contemporary Fusion Reviews magazine in 2016. He also was a keyboard player & singer for many years... you can hear (and download for free) many of those works at his "Internet Archive Collection". If you'd like to support our efforts and get something in return, there are also a few of these albums for sale on the Rotcod Zzaj BandCamp site"

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