Fantastically funky jazz The Justin Rothberg Group – Hurricane Mouse

Fantastically funky jazz The Justin Rothberg Group

Fantastically funky jazz The Justin Rothberg Group – HURRICANE MOUSE:  You’ll hear Justin Rothberg – Guitars/mandolin and compositions; Todd Groves – Saxophones, flutes and mixing/mastering; Jon Price – Elec bass; Hiroyuki Matsuura (Matsu) – Drum set and Andy O’Neill – Percussion on this fantastically funky jazz album… as always, it’s better to SEE the players, so check out this excellent promo/trailer video first…

When you SUBSCRIBE to Justin’s YouTube channel, you’ll be able to watch a LOT more live performances, too… I subscribed right away.

I found tunes like “Bad Apple” particularly attractive, and I have no doubt you will, too, if you’re a lover of down & funky jazz… the 3:15 length of the song will make it a favorite for DJ’s, too; this one will be getting HUGE airplay!

Todd’s tenor work on “The Layoff Song” will scorch your brain, and the pure “funkiness” of the tune will have you up & dancin’ ’round your living room in only moments.

If it’s “groove” that floats yer’ boat, you’ll find the 7:11 opening title track, “Hurricane Mouse“, very much something you can dig down deep on… this song alone makes the purchase of the album well worth it!

The closing track, “Hot Dog Ranch“, made it easy to select my personal favorite of the dozen songs offered up… it was also the deciding factor in choosing this album for permanent placement on my iPhone player (an honor that only the very best albums get).

I give Justin and all the players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this down & funky journey.  Get more information on Justin’s page for the album.                                 Rotcod Zzaj

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