Exquisitely intimate jazz trio Carla Campopiano Trio – Chicago Buenos Aires Connections Vol. 2

Exquisitely intimate jazz trio Carla Campopiano Trio

Exquisitely intimate jazz trio Carla Campopiano Trio – CHICAGO BUENOS AIRES CONNECTIONS VOL. 2:  Before I start my review, I strongly suggest that you watch Carla performing in duo first…

I first reviewed Carla’s exquisitely intimate jazz flute work in her EP, Chicago/Buenos Aires Connection, Vol. 1, where she got good marks.  You can also watch many more live performances when you SUBSCRIBE to Carla’s YouTube channel – I did.

One of the sweetest little tunes on her new album is “Zamba Soltera” (Single Zamba)… her flute and the guitar are highlighted on this piece, but in addition to Carla’s magical flute, you’ll hear Gustavo Cortiñas – drums & percussion, Gabriel Datcu and Zac Selissen – guitar, Kitt Lyles – bass and Alba Guerra – vocals on other tunes.

I was totally enchanted by the second bar of the 4:06 “Nocturna“… be sure to listen to this with your headphones on, so you can catch every little nuance of the composition – and there are many!

A rich full-bodied vocal greets you on “Vieja Viola” (Old Viola)… lots of movement on this piece, and I predict DJ’s of all stripes will be putting this track in regular rotations.

I give Carla and all of her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this most pleasurable Latin jazz excursion.  Get more information on Carla’s website.                                     Rotcod Zzaj

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