Exciting jazz debut adventure Jacob Sieckman – Gettin’ Out Of A Jam

Exciting jazz debut adventure Jacob Sieckman

Exciting jazz debut adventure Jacob Sieckman – GETTIN’ OUT OF A JAM:  I’m truly very excited about this stunning debut from sax player and composer Jacob Sieckman… the keyword for his fantastic album is – TIGHT! 

I’m not sure (exactly) who he has playing with him, because there wasn’t a credit list (that I could find), but every note is woven together seamlessly… despite that slight criticism, though, the album is still top-flight jazz; to really get a feel for the skill Jacob has, check out “Idle Lane“… the dynamic changes he’s woven into/through this piece make it one of my favorites (yet) in the year 2018!

He’s already won awards for his music (National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts merit recipient for tenor), and leads a very active musical life in many respects… one thing I can say with absolute certainty… you are going to be hearing much more from this amazing young player over the next few months/years… songs like the mighty mellow 7:43 “Midnight Round” show just how well-rounded his skills are, too… I just loved the laid-back intro, and the keyboard through the entire tune will make even some professional players envious… when the horn kicks in at about the 4:15 mark, you’ll be a true believer in Jacob’s jazz prowess, I’ve no doubt… this performance should be most strongly considered for an award – and if it is, I’ve no doubt it will WIN!

I believe Jacob’s sophomore release should contain more than the six songs you’ll hear on this debut, but it still clocks in at a respectable 37 minutes… it is the longest cut on this album that got my vote for personal favorite… “Walkin’ Along” has a real blues feel, and when the sax kicks in at the 4:32 mark, memories of my aural adventures in Frankfurt’s late-night JazzKeller venues invade my head… an absolutely robust reed sound that will thrill true jazz lovers ’round the globe.

I give Jacob and his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99 for this excellent debut release.  Get more information about this exciting young player on the Jacob Sieckman website.         Rotcod Zzaj