Exciting eclectic jazz vocals Courtney Freed – Big Crazy Love

Exciting eclectic jazz vocals Courtney Freed

Exciting eclectic jazz vocals Courtney Freed – BIG CRAZY LOVE:  What sheer joy I get from listening to Courtney… her latest release is an exciting and eclectic jazz vocal set that you’ll want to add to your collection right away.  First, you can listen to the entire album on her YouTube topic channel

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She brings a splendid support crew with her, too… Danni Parpan (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go) keys: David Saffert bass: Bernardo Gomez drums: Kyle Owen guitar: Hamody Hindi sax and flute: Josh Gilbert strings: Bizarre Star strings (Patti King on violin, Kyleen King on viola, Anna Fritz on cello), String Arrangements by Kyleen King… it’s strange that I don’t recognize the players, as Courtney is just down the road from me in Portland… all that aside, I predict that jazz DJ’s will be pluggin in tunes like Courtney’s 3:53 original, “See The Sea“… perfect for repeated airplay!

Courtney’s lively rendition of Jobim’s “No More Blues” will be on your playlist constantly, too… her rich vocals take the song to a new level of joy.

You’ll be up and dancin’ ’round the room as you listen to “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go“… Courtney’s vocal just soars on this song… this is another tune that DJ’s will be plugging in for constant rotations!

It was the 4:46 title track, “Big Crazy Love“, another original from Courtney, that was my choice for personal favorite of the eleven eclectic songs offered up… if you weren’t a lover before you started listening to this track, you will be, guaranteed.

I give Courtney and her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  Get more information on Courtney’s website.    Rotcod Zzaj

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