Ethereal vocals synthesizer piano Juan Sánchez – Touch and Sound

Ethereal vocals synthesizer piano Juan Sánchez

Ethereal vocals synthesizer piano Juan Sánchez – TOUCH AND SOUND:  When I first reviewed Juan’s “Rebirth” a couple of years ago, I was highly impressed… he continues his sonic explorations with ethereal vocals, synthesizer and piano on his new album… first, I recommend you get a taste for his style in the following video…

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Lullaby For A Frantic World” will set your mind at ease in our oh-so-troubled times… the piano starts it off, with beautiful strings joining in subtly after only a few bars… clocking in at 4:47, this will be a “perfect pick” for DJ’s (of all stripes) ’round the globe!

The opener, “Sands of Time“, is already one of my favorite songs for 2022… Juan skillfully weaves vocals in, around and through the song, reflecting the timelessness of our universe… simply beautiful.

Preciously gentle piano sounds on “For When It Rains” will give you visions of the beauty of a rainy afternoon… the vocal is also wonderful… if any song merits an award, this is it!

When an artists is able to bring the subject of his composition right into your listening room, as Juan does on “When Daybreak Comes“, you’ll realize (right away) that you’re listening to a master player… of this seventeen sultry songs offered up, this is my choice for personal favorite.

I give Juan a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this beautiful musical experience.  Get more information on Juan’s social media site.                      Rotcod Zzaj

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