Elias Haddad wonderfully sensitive piano and cello Elias Haddad – Visions

Elias Haddad wonderfully sensitive piano and cello Elias Haddad – VISIONS:  I “met” Elias online (through another wonderful pianist, Michele McLaughlin)… it’s very interesting to me how “connected” musicians are… Elias is from Lebanon, and he says in his bio sketch that he “preferred improvising and playing the tunes that sing from within“… many of us who play also will certainly be able to relate to that, but there’s a difference… Elias’s keyboards are fuller and far more robust than most of us can ever hope to achieve… as you listen to his playing on “Alone“, you will be swept (ever so gently) into & under his mesmerizing spell… an amazingly emotional performance that will hold your ears for many plays to come (those overtones at the 3:00 minute mark are simple, but full of the spirit of life that we – and the angels – all thrive on)!

He is joined by cellist Jana Semaan, and as you might imagine, her cello amplifies the experience to capture the love we all desire to share in, especially on compositions like “Last Heartbeats“… their weave together is seamless, with each player (I believe) inspiring the other to delve deeper and deeper into the parts of life that make us human (and in need of each other)… I understand that you may get different images – that’s what music is really all about, isn’t it – but it was easy to feel a tear or two welling up behind my eyelids as some sweet (& some not so) memories of my own loves & loves lost accompany their playing (Elias’s right-hand work in the upper registers only has one word to describe it – sweet!!).

Of the dozen inspiring pieces offered up, there was no doubt in my mind that my personal favorite is “Deep Blue“… again, Elias and Jana’s performance together on Elias’s compositions reach down deep into your soul and give you imagery that will allow you to think of and feel the flow of healing waters washing over you.  I am so pleased to have made his acquaintance, and will predict (with certainty) that you will be yearning to hear many more albums from Elias and his musical soulmates (in fact, within the next day or so, I will be doing a VIDEO review of one of his performances – watch for it).  I give this album a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.  You can get more information about Elias, and play these songs, on Elias’s website.         Rotcod Zzaj


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Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Dick Metcalf (aka Rotcod Zzaj) is a globe-hopping musician and poet who spent many years roving the world until he finally settled in his current abode, Lacey, Washington... just down the road from Seattle. He started IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION magazine in 1990 (still being published), and Contemporary Fusion Reviews magazine in 2016. He also was a keyboard player & singer for many years... you can hear (and download for free) many of those works at his "Internet Archive Collection". If you'd like to support our efforts and get something in return, there are also a few of these albums for sale on the Rotcod Zzaj BandCamp site"

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