Corina Bartra sultry Latin jazz vocals Corina Bartra – Takunde

Corina Bartra sultry Latin jazz vocals

Corina Bartra sultry Latin jazz vocals Corina Bartra – TAKUNDE:  What absolutely exciting times these are for lovers of Latin jazz… Corina’s sultry Latin jazz vocals are joined by fantastic artistry from her high-talent players (Vince Cherico on drums; Perico Diaz on cajon; piano by Steve Sandberg; bass from Victor Murillo; sax by Jay Rodriguez; and Seth Johnson on guitar) on tunes like “Ecstasy Green“, which is also an original by Corina. A superb blend of music that reflects the spirit of Peru, Brazil and Cuba via her superb arrangements and creativity.

Seth’s guitar intro on “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” is pure magic, and (of course), Corina sings this one with the kind of passion you’d expect from a top-caliber artist who is able to cover many genres through her animated style and knowledge of “how the music should sound”.  Splendid solos from the other players as well!

The 4:17 “Baila y Goza” will have you up with your dancin’ shoes on (even if they’re only sneakers, lol); which goes right with the translated title “Dance and Enjoy”… yet another superbly crafted original from Ms. Bartra… I just LOVE this piece, and have no doubt you will, too.  In fact, there’s a great (full-length) video of her August 2017 performance on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center (D.C.) which I think you will enjoy watching and listening to just as much as I did…

It was an easy pick for my personal favorite… her performance on Joe Henderson’s “Black Narcissus” will give you a very clear sense of just how soulfully she sings, and how talented she is at blending various rhythms and cultures into something that is creatively “new”… I give Corina and her super sextet my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this excellent jazz journey.  Get more information on the Corina Bartra website.          Rotcod Zzaj

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