Downright funky creative music Kostablanc – Closer To First

Downright funky creative music Kostablanc

Downright funky creative music Kostablanc – CLOSER TO FIRST:  Our very first review for 2020 is (without parallel) the most downright funky creative music we have EVER reviewed in this magazine… the players are Mark Kostabi: piano, Paul Kostabi: guitar, Keith LeBlanc: drums and synth, Greesi Desiree Langovits: vocals, Paul Nowinski: bass, with additional percussion by Tony Esposito – these folks remind me (in a BIGLY way) of creative geniuses like Frank Zappa, Brian Kastan and Thomas Dolby… of course, as always, the best way to learn about new artists is to WATCH them… ergo, the video created for their stellar opening tune “Beat Up Squad“…

…the split-screen movement on this video is priceless, & I loved Mark’s spoken-word overlays… you’ll find MANY more creative videos available for your pleasure when you SUBSCRIBE to Mark Kostabi’s YouTube channel… I did – RIGHT AWAY.

Mark Kostabi is an artist, as well as an excellent pianist, but it’s his creative genius that makes his work so entertaining… though this song isn’t on the album, it features several of Mark’s paintings, as well as his ultra-cool vocals & spoken-word…

Back to the album… I totally enjoyed the funky vibe on the 4:47 “Feels So Right“… Greesi’s vocal guidance will help you to navigate the very paths of life – or, ah, at least – give you a beat to march to… this is the perfect kind of tune for headphones; it’ll definitely have you BOPPIN’ along on down thee road!

As you listen to my choice for personal favorite of the six songs offered up, the 5:48 “I Win You Win“, you’ll realize why I fell in love with this album in the immediate… flawless recording and some great guitar work make it a tune that I believe will get a LOT of airplay.

I give Kostablanc a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this fantastic excursion into creativity.  Get more information on the Presto Jazz page for the album; also, visit Mark Kostabi’s website.

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